Review: Tomb Raider

Hi, I’m David. I’m another member of the ZixGame team, and I’m here to review Tomb Raider – not the classic games, but the recent remake with Rhianna Pratchett at the helm – in honor of the release of the new game, Rise of the Tomb Raider. The graphics are amazing, as you’d hope from XBone/PS4 games, and gameplay is for the most part pretty smooth and utilizes the controller well. There are a couple of button combinations that seem counter-intuitive/just damn annoying, but that’s the minority. Fighting is relatively easy to get used to, though I got Lara’s head blown off a few times while trying to figure out her limitations.

The story is okay, but it’s very weird to be with Lara before she becomes the Tomb Raider. She’s barely even Lara Croft, in that iconic way we know of. She doesn’t even feel like an earlier version of the boobtacular Tomb Raider I played as a kid. She’s vulnerable, whiny, and barely prepared for what she’s doing. It makes sense with the story, but I’m not a fan of it as a choice. I’m hoping Rise of the Tomb Raider gives us a more capable, in control Lara.

Some of the background characters are awesome, though. Reyes is really real, even though sometimes she seems like a bit of a bitch for disagreeing with Lara’s decisions and resenting her the way she does. Sam’s pretty good as well, though a bit of a damsel in distress. Jonah’s cool but totally deserved a bigger part. I’ll be interested to see if any of these characters are returning in the next game – I haven’t read the comics, so I don’t know what exactly is going on there, but I heard bad news about Sam…


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