Review: Armada

Hi, it’s David again. This review might be in the minority on the site because instead of reviewing a game, I’m reviewing a novel that’s sort of related to gaming culture. Armada by Ernest Clines is a sort of follow-up to his first novel Ready Player One, which was an awesome nostalgia-fest of 70s/80s culture and gaming tropes. Armada isn’t in the same world or anything, but it’s like a spiritual follow-up – in this world, Ender’s Game is pretty much happening. I loved that novel but it needed an update, and Armada is it. It’s a quick read, pacy, with a lot of action. And the premise? All the video games we’re playing, all the sci-fi we watch? It’s training. We’re being trained by the government, and one day soon, there’s going to be an invasion of aliens. The science fiction got us ready to accept the premise, and the games taught us the skills we need to fight them.

I’m in, for sure!


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